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I Love You Lord

with all my heart, and all my soul, and all my mind

16 September
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Name: Dannielle
Age: 18 1/2
School: Cedarville University
Birthday: September 16, 1985
Hair color: Light brown
Eye Color: green/blue (hazel)
Motto: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." -Phillipians 4:13
Marital Status: Waiting for my 1truelove
Pets: Noel, a Golden Retriever, Sabi, a Siamese mix, and twin tiger striped kittens Sweet Pea and Tiger Lily
Location: Pawcatuck, CT USA
Faith: Non-denominational Christian

Things I like to do: Watch movies, write, read, draw, paint, web design, listen to music, sing and dance in the rain, write poetry, sleep, eat cookies and candy, visit New York City, watch sunsets, stargaze, daydream, think, observe people, talk on the phone, act in plays, sing, run, go to church, hang with friends, make and take online quizzes, live for God.

Music: Michelle Branch, Mandy Moore, Stacie Orrico, Alison Krauss, Sixpence None the Richer, Backstreet Boys, Jaci Velasquez, Switchfoot, Jennifer Knapp, Rebecca St. James, Amy Grant, Audio Adrenaline, Avril Lavigne, Beach Boys, Goo Goo Dolls, The Beatles, Bryan Adams, Enrique Inglesias, Cold Play, Michael Jackson, SonicFlood, Mikaila, Natalie Imbruglia, Out of Eden, Point of Grace, Paul Anka, Pink, Selena, Simple Plan, Evanescence, J LO, Shakira, Sugar Ray, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Vanessa Carlton, Usher, Smashmouth, Zoegirl, Dido, 98 Degrees, NSYNC, Britney Spears (HER MUSIC ONLY!)Eiffel 65, Aqua, Shania Twain, B*Witched, Enya, Maroon 5, and last but NOT least: RELIENT K!!!

Favorite Movies: A Little Princess | A Walk to Remember | Anne of Green Gables | Black Beauty | Bruce Almighty | Clash of the Titans | Cool Runnings | Dumb and Dumber | Gone with the Wind | Groundhog Day | Here on Earth | Huck Finn | Lion King | Lord of the Rings | Miss Congeniality | Monster’s INC | Mrs. Doubtfire | My Best Friend's Wedding | Never Ending Story | Pearl Harbor | Pocahontas | Sleeping Beauty | Stepmom | Sweet Home Alabama | The Black Stallion | The Matrix | The Little Mermaid | The Princess Diaries | The Secret Garden | The War | The Wizard of Oz | Unico | Uptown Girls

Favorite Books: When Dreams Come True | Kissing Doorknobs | When She Was Good | Elsa Star of the Shelter | Flipped | A Child Called "It" | The Lost Boy | Number the Stars | Don't you Dare Read This Mrs. Dunfry | A Coal Miner's Bride | Across the Wide and Lonesome Prarie | Chinese Cinderella | Scarlett | Thirteen Going on Seven | When God Writes Your Love Story | all of the Little House on the Prairie books |

Goals in life: Fulfill God’s plans for my life, lead many people to Christ, become a famous and possibly rich actress, fall madly, crazily, head-over-heals in love with the guy of my dreams and marry him!

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Dannielle currently feels The current mood of skinnybones16@hotmail.com at www.imood.com

I am: In search of God’s will for my life.
I love: Sunsets and being in love.
I hate: Running 3 miles when it’s 20 degrees and freezing rain.
I fear: Sometimes I fear I’ll drop the communion plate of juice all over the person sitting next to me when I passing it. But mostly I worry that I might die or Jesus will come before I find my one true love.
I hope: That I live my life the way God would have me.
I hear: My favorite song, Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer.
I crave: Some really sugary candy and also some attention.
I regret: Not telling my dad I loved him sooner.
I cry: Only when something is worth crying over, or when I am in prayer with God.
I care: About being a good role model for everyone that looks up to me.
I always: Think about the Landeck family. :-) Hehe.
I believe: That the Lord will always help you when you ask Him.
I feel alone: When I am left out or forgotten.
I listen: Only when the person isn’t screaming in my ear.
I hide: From now on I face my problems head on.
I drive: Without a parent in the passenger’s seat on January 3rd, if I pass the test.
I sing: When I am all alone and wish I had someone to hold.
I dance: On my bed to my rock music.
I write: Poems about how much I can’t wait to be married and live happily ever after.
I play: Games with my little sisters.
I miss: The good old days when I didn’t care about my hair or my clothes.
I learn: Something new every day.
I feel: Like I want to hug somebody, like maybe Dan. :-D
I know: That one day I am going fly away to be with my Lord in my home sweet home in Heaven above.
I say: Whatever is on my mind, and if you get offended, I am sorry, I didn’t mean it.
I succeed: At everything I put my heart, soul, and mind into.
I dream: Of my knight in shining armor to sweep me off my feet and take me away.
I wonder: If anyone is actually reading this nonsense.
I want: To hold your hand! I wanna hold your hand!!!!!!!!!!! Lalalala!
I have: An unquenchable desire to sing out to God.
I give: My everything at the feet of my Savior.
I fell: In love with Jesus.
I fight: Only in self defense.
I need: To stop wasting time with these silly surveys.
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